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are emerging tonight as the u.s. attorney general begins a criminal probe in to whether they were tortured urn the administration. we have the news edge on this developing story. >> shaun this is the report and this is the question, did the cia and u.s. government operative break the law with the methods they used in questioning suspected terrorist detainees. the decision by eric holder could very well lead to the same government officials who are responsible for inter gating prison suspects. in this just released report written 2004, the cia inspector general reveals the message interrogators used in questioning terror detainees. some former cia officials filled it in. >> no one wants torture. none of us are for torture. it come down to what is torture. water boarding is not torture and will never beonsidered torture. >> reporter: the cia report goes far beyond water boarding. mohammad was told of a if he they attacked again his children would be killed and another was told his mother would be sexually assaulted in front of him. a claim the interrogator denies. last spring the president desc
councilwoman y vet alexander asking someone to call 911. many of us were here for a news conference called by the mayor on hiv and aids awareness. the tan vehicle was smoking. i never saw flames but somebody got a fire extinguisher. eyewitnesses tried to rush to pull open doors to get the drivers and passengers out of both vehicles. they removed some of the injured before firefighters could get here to use the jaws of life to remove them. the more seriously injured were medivaked to the hospital. it was terrifying and amazing to see the accident then to watch people including top city officials trying to help out. >> everywhere. she wanted to get out. she was conscious and everything. she was squeezing our hand and everything. we tried to keep her together until the ambulance and stuff got there. >> you don't know if anybody has a neck injury. it's great help. people's natural instincts. it's one of those things we have to be careful. that's why we are using the jaws of life and other things to get people out safely. >> we really do keep all of our energy focused on the five people who wer
commander told us the burial service will be simple and similar to honors rendered to every veteran buried on arlington's hallowed ground. for the type of funeral we're looking at right now, this is a standard congressional-type funeral. what that means is that we have a casket team of eight members, a joint casket team. membership of all the other branches of the average, marines, navy, air force and coast guard. >> reporter: as for the like, it will be 95 feet to the south of president kennedy's grave site, which would place it north of senator robert f. kennedy's site, brian. >> and looking forward here a bit, we were expecting a special election to fill senator kennedy's seat. momentum seems to be building that a temporary replacement will be named. >> we talked about this yesterday, in fact, brian. massachusetts governor duvall patrick saying it's appearing that this momentum is building. the leader of the house of the house of representatives in massachusetts is on board. she seemed to have dropped her opposition to this and interesting. one of the names of the care-- caretaker, a pe
misdirected and they voted on the land use issue only and that is all. >> one of the commissioners said, in fact, they didn't feel the curriculum was something that was appropriate in a land use setting. for example, we don't evaluate the curriculum of other schools that come before the board, such as catholic schools and others. >> i think the public is very involvedded in this is quite upset and disappointed with the outcome and there will be great concerns raised as this develops. because it is not -- our heritage is not honored in that school. so that is a great concern. >> reporter: there were also concerns raised about traffic and the amount of cars coming in to the area if the school expanded but again the board decided that was not an issue and they voted on it in favor of it 6-4. very angry at the meeting. after the vote several stormed out of the room and had choice words to say about the supervisors. we will have more at 10:00. >> we saw this coming down the pike. we will look for you tonight at ten. >>> guantanamo bay detainees facing criminal trial in dc and virginia. it co
and become a u.s. citizens but when the payment stopped, robinson wanted revenge. the doments say that robinson came to the pizza mart to set sethle a score. she admitted she got inside, she talked her way inside. the owner let her in. but once inside she came to the side door, where she opened it for two men who had come with her. once inside the three began to argue with the owner over money. he was then beaten and stabbed. the next day they found him savagely beaten and stabbed in his shop. his back and hair also burned. as much as 1800 to $2,000 was missing from the ste. from the beginning, dc police said there was no evidence of robbery and nothing had caught on fire. outside of the house oned ason road on saturday, the owner of the home said robinson rented the top floor of the house with two other women. she did not live with he man's brother the man police say she married for money. >> was in the house four or five days. >> he said the day after the incident he received money from robinson for rent. >> they returned to the house oned ason road where they burned their blood
the americans. laura ling and euna lee some say were pawns to achieve the real goal. >> die a long with the u.s -- die a long with the u.s. >> reporter: the recent actions, missile tests are aimed at getting one on one negotiations with the united states. >> they feel they have been isolated. they are not treated as equals with the u.s. >> reporter: with north korea in financial ruin and kim ill young reportedly ill, the white house should go slowly. >> the question is what is the message. >> reporter: the senior south asian fellow for relations said president clinton's mission had a singular goal of releasing the girls. >> i wouldn't expect the north koreans will change their position on demanding nuclear weapon status as a precondition to returning to talks or anything else. >> in the past hour, the families of laura ling and euna lee issued a web site. they say that they are overjoyed at the news of the pardon, thanked president obama, hillary clinton and former president clinton and counting the minutes until they see the won again. >> another local soldier killed in the line of duty. a nat
mean for you? >> the alternative being floated health care co-op would run like those used for electricity or farming. when it comes to health care only a handful of these co-ops exist with mixed success. patients tired of deeing with health insurance companies could get their own, banding together to form health care co- optives. together their buying power would reduce costs and provide health care to millions of americans. that's the premise of health care co-ops. >> they are successful but not large. so they are not successful they haven't penetrated the marketplace. >> reporter: he is on the board of socially responsible organizations board which helps to ops. nationally supporters of a national insurance plan say co- op can't compete. >> what is proposed is not government backups for co-ops. what is proposed is 50 co-ops with a little government feed money to get started. they are doomed to failure. >> reporter: while private insurance companies have millions, co-ops have thousands. tutu few to hold insurance companies accountable and drive costs down. >> the truth is
as a 30-year-old, words like inexperience and neofight were used to describe him. -- neophyte describe him. his death is at the center of a fiery debate. >> this is the cause of my life. >> reporter: for senator kennedy, healthcare reform was more than an issue. >> we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american north, south, east, west, young, old, will have -- [ indiscernible ] and quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> reporter: it was a battle he waged for more than 40 years. >> i said it in 1980, i say it in 1982 and i will continue to say it until it comes true. >> his interest in healthcare p predated his career. >> he got sensitized to healthcare early. >> reporter: kennedy's mentally disabled sister rosemary and his own son's cancer were big influences on form his views. >> he thought all people should have as good healthcare as the kennedy family had. >> reporter: while he was known as a tough fighter for the causes he championed, that was not the only sign of ted kennedy. he was very personal. >> reporter: peter finn worked on the firs
to the hospital room. the other person was her friend. she was going to talk to us today, but got transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. she was severely burned and has a broken leg. it's an amazing story to survive from. >>> thank you so much for sharing your story with us. >>> this armed robbery didn't try to hide his identity. he walked into the minimart in loudoun county, pulled a gun, demanded cash. he kept the gun pointed at the store clerk. loudoun county investigators want to know if you recognize that guy and would like you to give them a call. >>> judgment day in a crime spree that terrorized montgomery county for months. elderly women tied up, robbed, left in pain inside their homes. one of them, that bethesda woman died after the attack. the judge maid sure the cvicted killer will never see freedom again. life without parole and then some. >> reporter: the sentence given jose garcia today means he will live the rest of his life behind bars. judge michael mason handing the illegal immigrant life without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. in their victim impact
had the symbol displayed around their house and it alerts us and we want to send the message, you don't have to take it down. we want to let you know it could be zig singling you out. >> reporter: the thives have been breaking in once a week. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >>> a new report shows inadequate water flow made the blaze difficult to fight. the hilly area and road design created problems. >> thers a fire hydrant probably within about 200 feet of the home on university terrace. it is impossible to get to that fire hydrant without driving completely around the block, maybe about a mile drive in either direction. >> although low water flow affected how fast the flames were out. the report says it's debatable how much of the house could have been saved had water flow been greater. get ready for more delay ifs you ride the red line. the trains will be single tracking starting tonight at 10. you can expect delays all month as crews work to replace circuits near the sight of that deadly crash. >>> a dangerous and potentially deadly glitch has been discovered on a dozen u.s. jet liners.
. >> i think they get the message across and i think the obamas get upset about the use of their daughters without the permission of the parents. i think they should have gotten the permission from theobamas first. >> i don't care how the message gets across as long as it does. >> reporter: the group says they're not taking down the ads because they raise awareness about unhealthy school lunches. no official word yet from the white house. >>> 47 passengers spending an entire night trapped on a new york tarmac. now there's a federal investigation. the flight left houston into mp mps. passengers spent seven hours sitting on a runway without food or water. the obama administration has launched an investigation. >>> caught on camera, an injured hiker pulled to safety in virginia. more of this dramatic video coming up straight ahead. >>> plus foreclosed homes hitting the market with a dark and dangerous secret. what we found and what you need to know before you buy sight unseen. >>> and 230 miles per gallon. you heard it. giving you the edge on the chevy volt. we're back
and friends are gathering to celebrate the late senator's life. adam pellerin joins us live from boston. what is happening there tonight? >> reporter: that's right, a number of family and friends have been arriving. in fact, a number of dignitaries arriving from close friends of the late senator. his body has been laying in repiece here error error -- repose here the last few days, a number of people coming to pay respects, thousands, in fact. 25,000 attended last night and kept the lines open until 2:00 this morning and opened back up at 8 and lasted until 3. that is when it was closed to the public in anticipation of tonight's celebration of life memorial service where friends and family, along with colleagues of the late senator, will be speaking and attending this event. the theme song of the night "impossible dream," of course, referring to his ability to reach out to people and these he reached out to on capitol hill and just cobb sitients of the late senator as well. this should be a night to remember and emotional one atna tha. >> adam pellerin, setting the time for us in boston. >>>
to expand pier less service. no matter what which -- which one of these carriers you use, you will be able to make calls or access the web inside metro's busiest underground stops. wise come martin is live with the detai. wisdom? >> reporter: as of right now, the only wireless networks that works when you are underground is the verizon and sprint when they roam on to the verizon network. that dates back to an agreement metro made in 1993. that is about to change. customers from the four major cell phone providers will be able to make calls and access the internet. they will have their wireless hardware at the 20 busiest stations starting october 16th. >> this is part of a three phase effort we are rolling out. initially 20 of the busiest underground stations. next year all the underground stations and then by fall of 2012 we will have the equipment installed in the tunnels. customers will be able to travel throughout the entire system. >>> this fire less contract, new wireless contract will generate $25 million over the first 15 year term and generate more money after that. we have seen a
the ] ntract clause of the u.s. constitution. the judge wrote although the county suggests to the court that it face dire circumstances and had no other reasonable alternatives, the records suggest otherwise saying the county's actions resembled that which was poly expedient. he noted the county had $97 million in savings over and above the rainy day fund mandated by law. >> we all believe it was raining in price george county and there were other avenues that could be taken by the county executive. >> reporter: in response the county issued a statement saying the court has substituted its judgment without aging the economic challenges facing the country. we will have massive layoffs. last month the county began another round of furloughs at a time when workers living paycheck to paycheck are still paying for the last one. >> we have had people that lost homes. we had people have to file bankruptcy. we have had people have cars repossessed and loans not approved. >> the judge's ruling only applies to last year's furloughs and does not affect other cities and states doing the same thing.
. a us jnond ant unced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you th72sos. m 0r fo% 72 mths. that means you can buy a '09 cobalt for $168 a month after a $3500 government tere nndwn adonto reme p. go to chevy.com for details. >> the news edge on maryland. an escaped prisoner on the loose. now, the search is on from the air and you see on the ground. the area of maryland, 175 and pocono drive. this is a picture of the guy. 20 years ole, accused of attempted murder. he overpowered a deputy and tried to steal his gun. the deputy is in stable condition. >>> a g, a pup, nicknamed trooper is doing well, eating on her own after another surgery. the apparent victim of dog fighting was found in southeas last week alive and badly injured. she's being evaluated for possible adoption. >>> the news edge on virginia. a warning to pet owners, dogs are getting sick as a highly contagious flu spreads, happening at the fairfax family animal shelter. there are two confirmed and more than two dozen suspected cases. prompted a temporary halt on dog adoptions there. the sick animals have been is
to us whether or not -- but neighbors say the pit bulls did live in the home belonging to his brother. he talked to, as i said [ audio breaking up ] >> who can say that everyone here is shaken by the news. >> trying to break up a fight between two pit bull and got between them and unfortunately one of the dogs ended up getting on top of him and they both attacked him. there was nothing he could do. >> i bet you woke up a normal morn and didn't think anything special was going to happen and something like this happens it is insane. it is devastating, really is. >> you can see that is one of the dogs being taken away by the animal control officers in the area. we are having difficulty with stacey cohen's microphone but we are staying on top of the story. an emotional story in leesburg where a man was mauled to death by at least one pit bull in his dare when two dogs got in to a fight in the home. more details tonight on fox 5 news at ten. >>> we are tracking the summer scorcher out there. let's go to gary in the weather center. >> good news here. i know it has been hot yesterday and tod
posted in the store that said this was not the original merchandise and the brand names were used solely for comparison purposes. roz plater, fox 5 news. >>> we are following a developing story in maryland. at least a dozen teenagers are being treated by rescue crews after being overcome by heat. the teens are part of the kent island high school football team. they were practicing when the heat became too much to handle. you are looking at pictures from sky fox. you can see the crews on the scene. stevensville, maryland, if you head over the bay bridge, hang a left, that is the general vicinity. many of the teenagers were taken to the hospital. it's hot, muggy. football teams are practicing for the first games in the next couple of weeks. we will keep an eye on the story. out of control brawl on a d.c. street caught on tape posted on you tube. the violent five minute clip shows girls in a northeast complex chasing each other with rocks and sticks and ends with a car plunging into a group of people. paul wagner is in the newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: d.c. police are using
. >> there is no question that barack obama wants to kill babies. >> he has to use a granny or let her die to play for it. >> licensed clinical social worker and we need help with this one. seeing more and more people lose insurance and i think al americans should be insured. >> are they here to hear something about the health care proposals or just make their voices heard? it's a combination of both and this town hall meeting hasn't even started. >> we're back live you see folks here all different kinds of opinions here literally hundreds on both sides the health care town hall begins at 7:00 and they've started opening doors. it's hosted by virginia congressman jim moran with guest speaker howard dean. the far left former vermont governor and chairman is sure to be memorable but will it contribute to the debate? we'll see and let you know. >> we'll have much more on this tonight at fox 5 at 10:00. bob, thank you. >>> senator john mccain tackling the former rival health care plan in arizona calling the plan unaffordable. he also said the plan would leave future generations in debt. >> so this is the con
, two assistant u.s. attorneys who routinely handle some of the most notorious murder cases have told investigators their signatures were forged on court overtime documents no. one would comment on the record about the investigation. but at large council member praised cathy lanier for reducing overtime. >> any time there is an allegation that money has been misused, you need somebody from the outside to look at it and find the truth of the matter. so i'm pl at two n the intwo detectives are singled out for questionae is, 090, on march 3rd, 2 this investigating official reported to inspector burton atthhe t aturcotracking computer system revealed that two detectives had urchecked in court on a 0easllfe con efll n friday, and that . 09 thd at this case did t no p caear on the cound le ditionally, the inspector was advised there were three dates when the detectives checked in on the case and matter did not appear on the calendar. >> so far the two detectives are the only officers that have had powers revoked. they are both on administrative leave. detective griffin didn't respond to
were the most use less i have ever seen in 30- plus years of watching supreme court confirmation hearings. >> reporter: groups like hispanic bar association who gathered to watch the confirmation vote say sotomayor's real legacy will be in the lives of young latinos. >> they will have a role model. they will can get there, too. that is important to have in a community. >> reporter: now, when he nominated judge sotomayor, president barack obama said he wanted her confirmed in time when it began the fall term. she will be sworn in on saturday. >>> the news edge following a developing story in montgomery county. you are looking live at bethesda, river road and wilson lane. it is busy, particularly this time of day as everybody is streaming out of d.c. going home. a man was struck by a vehicle late this afternoon. his injuries are very serious. as they continue to investigate, southbound traffic coming into d.c. is being diverted to wilson lane. police are asking motorists to steer clear of the area if possible. >>> news edge on d.c. with conflicting reports on mayor fenty's fender b
: tempers flaired early on. >> thank you senator for allowing us to voice our views and to ask questions. >> reporter: most of the audience while respectful didn't seem to be buy what the senator was selling. concerns over costs. >> under your and the congress's involvement in our lives you wracked up 12 trillon dollars of debt. you are adding to it now. >> reporter: to others who say the government is alady to extended. >> are you going to support a plan that is going to let the american taxpayer pick up the tab for companies who went bankrupt. >> it affects all of us. we have 700 in maryland without insurce. they -- many of which are workers, have chosen not to have health insurance, it cts us all money. >> reporter: he took 25 questions leading those who didn't get called onto onder if the meetings are providing information or a soap box for people to vent. >> we need to get to the point. my question was so simple. all these other people didn't have a question. >> reporter: there are a lot of people like that into the hour the session, there was only a few more questions and they
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